Welcome to the Obama-McCain smackdown with hot girl-on-girl cheerleader action!!! OK, maybe not literally, but I’ve heard first blogs need to catch people’s attention. I am a blogging virgin and welcome you to my site. It’ll probably be a bit of a mishmash of thoughts as I tend to be a bit indecisive.

However, for the next couple of months there will probably be a heavy focus on the US Presidential election as I can be a bit of a political junkie. I will admit, however, that I am not American, so those of you who believe non-Americans have no business commenting on American affairs should probably move on now (or stay if you enjoy the outrage). I do agree, in fairness, that the Guardian’s attempts to influence voters in Ohio to vote for John Kerry in 2004 was appallingly arrogant and hamfisted and believe that, in the end, the American people should make the final choice for themselves. Having said all that, GO OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!!

  1. culturepress says:

    I’m a blogging virgin, too, and I was inspired to blog because of this election. Thanks for your insight and input, even if you’re not an American! Some of us Americans actually do appreciate knowing what the world thinks of us 🙂


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