Okay, I’m going to stop using that Smackdown reference, I promise. So down to business. I’ve started a little late in the campaign (OK 18 months late) but here are some thoughts on recent developments.

1. So Tina Fey is now a Male Chauvinist Pig, according to Carla Fiorina. Will she now be dragging herself back to the kitchen by the hair?

2. I recently saw the episode of Friends where Phoebe, Rachel and Chandler are searching for Monica’s Christmas presents. Phoebe suggests looking under the couch to which Chandler sarcastically says that of course that would be the last place Monica would believe they’d look, to which Phoebe replies “or maybe we can follow Chandlers clever jokes to find them, hmm”. This got me thinking, can we use Sarah Palin’s snide comments to steer us away from recession and towards Middle East peace?

3. The media have made a big thing about how if you change just one letter Obama becomes Osama. However nobody has mentioned that if you add “nla” Biden becomes BIn LaDEN, if you add “est” and “ian” Palin becomes PALestINian and if you drop cC and add a bunch of other letters McCain becomes MAhmoud AhmedINejad. Holy crap, the terrorists win either way!! Nader for president…oh wait, isn’t he Lebanese?


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