I know this may be a little dated, but as may have noticed, this blog is brand new. I just wanted to add my two cents to the “Lipstick on a Pig” incident. When I first heard about the quote I was a little worried that the McCain camp were accusing Obama of sexism in ads. However, Obama said the comment was taken out of context. This made me think he meant that maybe he was referring to Governor as the softening lipstick on the Pig that is the Republican Party and thought that it may be a careless choice of words but was essentially true and not actually sexist as McCain had chosen Palin as a blatant attempt to soften his campaign’s and the Republicans’ image. Then I saw the speech and realised that THERE WAS NO REFERENCE TO GOVERNOR PALIN WHATSOEVER!!!!! I swear, it’s silly season at the McCain camp!!! What are they smoking over there??!!! AAAARRRGGHHH!!!!

Thankfully Obama didn’t fall for it and used his somewhat haughty nature (a blessing and a curse at times) to bat this attempted smear away with the absolute contempt it deserved. Well done also to the ladies of The View for not letting McCain get away with this and other smears. However, it’s a bad state of affairs when the most insightful political interviewers in America are Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar

  1. DoGood says:

    Nice blog. Welcome aboard! Palin scares the heck out of me. She either won’t or can’t answer the most basic questions about policy or her perforamance as governor, instead focusing on non-issues like lipstick jokes:

  2. LuRain Penny says:


    Welcome aboard. Best of luck on your endeavour.
    Looks like the American folks finally coming to their senses about all this.
    McCain has to read his jokes from cue cards and he still screws them up. That’s why the Reps got Palin to say them first, so the die hards will know when to laugh.
    Good to see a young person all fired up.
    Keep writing.

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