In one/some/many/all of her recent speeches, Sarah Palin extolled the values of small communities without ever really expanding on what they are. So let’s have a look at her record and maybe we can figure out what she means by this:

1. She quoted the writer Westbrook Pegler, described by Robert Kennedy Jr as a “fascist” who “expressed his fervent hope about my father, Robert F. Kennedy, as he contemplated his own run for the presidency in 1965, that “some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow flies.”” –

2. She is OK with charging rape victims $1200 for their rape kits

3. The quiet, picket-fenced small town she was mayor of is the Crystal Meth capital of Alaska.

4. She claimed that she had visited Ireland as a way of displaying her insight into foreign affairs. In reality she did the Shannon Stopover, an airport refuelling stop. What, did she indulge in an expansive chat with Kathleen in the Duty-Free shop about how the lessons of the Northern Ireland Troubles and Peace Process can be applied to the wider world??!! She’s exaggerating like an old Irish storyteller.

5. Allegedly, on becoming mayor of Wasilla, she immediately asked how to go about banning books from the library and then bullied the local librarian, who stood up to her.

6. She laughed on radio, as a (female) political opponent, was mocked as fat and a cancer. Then she had the gall to send a letter to that opponent saying that she opposed name-calling and now is ultra-sensitive about anyone criticising her (it’s always because of sexism, apparently, even when done by Tina Fey). Oh and by the way, that political opponent had recently recovered from cancer.

7. When an inquiry is set up, looking into a possible abuse of power by her as governor, her husband and others close to her ignore subpoenas to appear. If she does indeed fire people for divorcing relatives, imagine what she’d do if, say, the family member of a CIA operative questioned her or her administration (oh crap, it could really end up being HER administration).

8. Well, there’s no need for sex education in small towns because there’s obviously no teenage sex or pregnancy in small to…Oops

9. She believes in God (fair enough) but also that God planned the deaths of thousands of young American people and tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Iraqis

Are these really the values of Small Town America? Because of they are, I guess she’s right that a city boy like me just wouldn’t get them.

PS if there are any Small Town Americans out there with a different version of small-town values please feel free to add a comment, setting me straight on this

PPS My favourite TV show about Small-Town America is “Friday Night Lights” – anyone know if that got a second series because the end of the first series looked pretty final

  1. culturepress says:

    Thanks, this is a great breakdown of the problems with Palin, including a lot of information that I hadn’t come across before.

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