Sarah Palin and witches/The problem with Joe Biden II

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Barack Obama, Campaign 2008, Current Affairs, Current Events, Democrats, Election '08, Election 2008, Humour, Joe Biden, John McCain, People, Personal, Politics, Ramblings, Random, Sarah Palin, Thoughts

Starting with the second part, in a recent blog I mentioned that my sweet wife Meri described Joe Biden as looking like a used car salesman. I thought this may be a bit harsh, even though yes, he maybe a little old-fashioned looking and his teeth may be a bit too white. And then I found out yesterday what his father did for a living – you guessed it, a car salesman!!!

Still though ladies, who would you rather have as VP? A kind of cheesy looking older guy who was instrumental in the introduction of anti-domestic violence legislation in the ’70s or a woman who charges rape victims $1200 for their medical exam?

And speaking of the Honourable Governor, I think that, in light of the recent the videos on featuring her, it’s safe to say that Obama now has the Wicca vote nailed down – should be worth at least 50, 60 swing state votes. Yes, I know there are many more…er…witches? practitioners of Wicca? what’s the politically correct term? in America, but he’s already coasting in California. 

Sarah Palin’s planned first policy initiative once in office? Ban repeats of Bewitched. And where she stands on Middle-East peace is not as important as her view on the Salem Witch Hunts. And of course the main obstacle to her reaching the White House is not her lack of Foreign Policy experience, allying herself to a failed economic ideology, being a generally not nice person (see earlier post) etc etc, it’s actually witchcraft. In fact I myself am feeling a little…em…warlocky? sorcerous?…writing this post. So all together now:


Hilary Clinton – BURN THE WITCH!

Nancy Pelosi – BURN THE WITCH!


Barbara Walters – BURN THE WITCH!

Whoopi Goldberg – BURN THE WITCH!

One last thing, at the end of the clip I watched, there is a small extra part which shows her at another religious gathering praising Pastor Muthee and how “bold” he was in not saying something as wishy-washy as “Lord, if it is your will, let this woman be Governor” but rather demanded “Lord, make a way” and I thought, wow, now they’ve stopped asking God for his help and have started telling Him what to do!


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