I was reading a Frank Rich column on the New York Times website yesterday and he mentioned a moment in the VP debate which I forgot to mention earlier. Just after Joe Biden had momentarily got emotional when recalling his family tragedies, Palin immediately just started prattling about what a maverick John McCain was without any acknowledgement of what Biden had just said. How cold is that?

And one last thing-based on flagpins I guess that Joe Biden is merely a common, half-assed patriot whereas Palin’s patriotism is supersized and sparkly!

  1. fifthdecade says:

    Come to think of it, that was kind of abrupt, wasn’t it? That sort of calculating, uncaring attitude doesn’t paint a very flattering portrait, does it? Joe Biden on the other hand was a real gentleman. He impressed me greatly and I could really imagine him as President, unlike Palin.

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