I thought that analysing ten of these “values” would be a good number but I saw something yesterday on The Daily Show that made me add one more and this one comes from the people of her town, not directly from herself. As she was at the Vice-Presidential debate, claiming that what Washington needed was an injection of values from Main Street Wasilla, The Daily Show dispatched Jason Jones to a bar in the Governor’s home town, where the locals were watching the debate on TV and it was the actions of these fine folks that gave me an extra Sarah Palin small-town value:

11. Mocking people with speech impediments. When Joe Biden (who has overcome a childhood stammer) stumbled over the word “characterized” a thunderous roar of laughter went up from the watching crowd. And later Jason Jones interviewed what looked like Grizzly Adams’ evil twin brother and he gleefully said “ca..ca..ca..ca”. Poor old Joe. Fifty years on, he’s a respected US Senator and candidate for the vice-presidency and he’s still getting grief about his stammer from asshole bullies just as he did as a kid. 

  1. Mike says:

    I like Palin as a person… but she turned me off with that Joe Six-pack analogy. Alcohol is never a good thing to mix politics or Alaskan polar bears for that matter.



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