I was about to go to bed with nothing complete to add for today when I read this on the New York Post’s website: “The Alaska governor and self-described “hockey mom” heard a few boos when she walked onto the ice, but that soon turned to polite applause as she headed to center ice” and “Palin waved to the crowd and smiled as she dropped the puck to applause and cheers.” and remembered that she was supposed to drop the puck at the Flyers-Rangers game tonight so I went to YouTube to see how accurate a description this was; a few boos turning into polite applause my ass. That was a sustained and thunderous cacophony of boos. Added to that the TV cameras didn’t show one crowd shot during the whole event. Over here that happens at sports events when some moron invades the pitch and the producers show anything but said invader. Were the visual responses offered by Flyers fans too offensive for primetime TV? And even with the focus constantly on Palin, you can still see some people in the background giving the thumbs down. Hell, even the sheepishly bemused faces of the Rangers players say it all. What the hell are they smoking at The New York Post?

So congratulations to Philadelphia Flyers fans on joining women as a second demographic not to be fooled by Palin into thinking she was one of you. Now all we need is Alaskans, patriots and genuinely decent small-town folk to reject her and she’ll have nobody left. 


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