I’m going to say it – you’ve got to feel a little sorry for John McCain (I said a LITTLE). It seems that everything he does in this election is going against him:

– He finally gets to be GOP Presidential Candidate after been viciously torn apart by Bush in 2000 and has to kiss Bush’s ass to shore up his base

– When he kisses Bush’s ass, he loses all the independents and moderate progressives who Bush is hugely unpopular with

– He probably was prepared to come up against a formidable candidate in Hillary Clinton, was relieved to come up against an inexperienced opponent in Barack Obama only to find Obama to be not only formidable, but inspirational as well

– He probably thought Obama’s liberal record would count against him, only to find that Americans seem willing to give progressive political views a hearing this year

– When Obama chose Biden as running mate, McCain may have thought that there was a huge opening for him and all he had to do was find a dynamic, possibly youthful, female, senior Republican politician and ended up with…SARAH PALIN!!

– He plans for an opening debate focusing on his strong area, National Defence, only for it to be changed at the last minute to focus partially on the economy and for Obama to perform well in the National Defence section.

– When he tries to focus on issues, he bores people, when he goes on the attack his psycho supporters start threatening Obama (although he should have anticipated that happening), and when he tries to cool things down by saying that Obama is a decent person all his supporters boo him and Palin continues talking crazy anyway.

Poor old McCain, nothing he tries seems to be working. He must really feel as though he’s in the wrong party because this is normally what happens to Democrats. Having said that, he’s still the wrong person to lead America at this point in history when the country needs someone cool, intelligent and rational. So if Obama has a good debate tonight that should put him in a very strong position. For those of you wondering how good this could get, check out pollster.com: North Dakota is now considered a toss-up state! Although it’s still too early to declare Obama president (must not get complacent, must not get complacent, must not get complacent, must not get complacent, must not get complacent, must not get complacent, must not get com….)


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