Sorry to be merchant of doom again but there is a plausible election result which could put John McCain and (sharp intake of breath) Sarah Palin in the White House. McCain is focusing a lot on Pennsylvania and there’s a good reason why. Even if Obama wins all other Kerry states and adds Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia, McCain would still win by somehow flipping Pennsylvania (probably through a combination of gaining some traction with one of his attacks on Obama, a strong get-out-the-vote effort and low voter turnout) and clinging onto all other Bush states that are currently considered toss-ups. There could even be the nightmare scenario where McCain scrapes the Electoral College vote while losing the popular vote by 2-4%

However the good news for Obama is that his support in Pennsylvania seems to have hardened, with outright and hilarious hostility having been demonstrated by Flyers hockey fans towards the “Queen of the Hockey Moms”. Also in the northern mountain area, Montana North Dakota and, to a lesser extent, South Dakota have come into play and, should the scenario I described earlier happen, they could shockingly end up being the deciding states. Or if things go well they could be the icing on the cake of an Obama landslide.

  1. ianheath653 says:

    If Palin got the same reaction from Penguins fans, I’d rest a bit easier. Southeastern PA is pretty much solid Obama country; it’s the western part of the state that worries me more.

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