So the Fed, in its eternal wisdom, is dutifully following Monetarist orthodoxy by cutting interest rates by half a percentage point. So what is the rate at now? 1%!!!!! Has nobody in the government realised that this is not working???!!!! Do they seriously believe that they are not, as Keynes put it, pushing on a piece of string???!!! Confidence is in the toilet, there’s nowhere else to go with interest rate cuts, it’s becoming an exercise in futile grandstanding for the business media. Nobody is spending. And John McCain wants to freeze government spending, the only way the government can guarantee that money gets spent to stimulate the economy!!!

Now the stock market went up yesterday in anticipation of this cut, but then the stock market went up in anticipation of the bailout that was demanded from the banks and when it was confirmed, the market proceeded to plummet. So how long will this bounce last, before stocks drop again? Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder whether all the decisions on Wall Street, the City of London and other financial centres are being fuelled by traders’ well-documented consumption of cocaine! Because there seems to be absolutely no reason at all involved. Should we start testing all market traders for drugs on a weekly basis and banning those who fail it?

In the light of all this, it is economically irresponsible for John McCain, Sarah Palin and the rest of the Republican Party to equate the modest taxation and spending plans of Barack Obama with socialism in an effort to scare people into giving them four more years of cronyism. In fact, it’s so irresponsible it’s practically Anti-American.

  1. lurainpenny says:

    Hi Sam,

    I was listening to the PBS in the car the other day. A McCain spokesmouth said that ‘sharing the wealth’ was like stiffing the waitress to tip a homeless man. I was flabbergasted.

    Why is it always us or the other? It is going to take your generation to dismantle the box.

    I say, time we skipped dessert, so we can leave the waitress what she deserves and still have a few pennies for the needy.

    All a matter of choice.
    Change of heart cannot be legislated.
    It takes change of mind.

    In a few days, we’ll know whether this country has what it takes to start anew.
    Heaven help us from those who will, undoubtedly, try to put an end to our emergence.

    Keep up the great work.
    You are an inspiration.

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