I know what you’re thinking – Obama hasn’t even taken office yet – how is it possible to judge whether voters chose the right president already. Well let’s take a quick look at events from the last few days:

– President-Elect Obama has gathered some of the top economic minds in the country to come up with ideas as to how to stimulate the country out of recession. He has received messages from Chavez, Ahmedinejad and the leader of Hamas, indicating that they are willing to talk.

– The Republicans have continued name-calling, only now they’re insulting each other, with McCain aides calling Palin a “diva” and Palin responding by calling them “jerks”

So I may be proven wrong yet but it certainly looks like yes, America made the right choice

  1. LuRain Penny says:

    Hi Sam,

    So far, I’m mighty impressed with Mr. Obama. He hasn’t drawn breath, but plunged right in. I especially loved that he qucikly squashed Bush’s Halloween sneaky surprises; stating clearly he was going to overturn them if they was wrong, without Congress or anybody’s by your leave. Yes!

    Folks forget that Clinton spent weeks partying after he won, didn’t get his cabinet together until December and then had one of the worse transitions in history.

    I think we have evey reason to be hopeful.

    Meanwhile, how you doing? I hope you don’t hold my humor against me? sometimes I forget that this screen don’t convey as well as looking right at you.

    I mean well.

    Take care.

  2. Osama says:

    Only time will tell. The way I see it, he can’t be worse than Bush.

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